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Technology is always advancing, and finds new ways to keep customers satisfied with the different audio and video electronics available. With regards to the Sony BDV-E770W, technology has certainly made a leap forward. For those that have dreamed of the best home entertainment system will not need to look further than this brand.

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Unique Features and Benefits

The Sony BDV-E770W was designed to improve the way we watch movies online, it comes with a stunning 1080 HD screen, and great HD surround sound speakers, additionally, the units comes with some very nice wireless rear speakers. This technique allows you to stream your favorite movie or video of choice thanks to the Amazon Video when needed, YouTube, Netflix and Slacker features. Additionally, downloading free applications can be done easily with an ipod itouch or even an iPhone all from the remote control.

This Blu-Ray player has BRAVIA Internet Video Streaming and 5.1 Surround Sound also comes equipped with HDMI cable (12-ft gold-tipped) this offers you a convenient way to stream, and with the six outlet surge protector with 8-ft cord the body is protected.

The Drawbacks

There have been however, 3 major issues that were the complaints of many people for the Sony BDV-E770W Blu-ray Disc Home entertainment System9. First, the manual was far too difficult in terms of understanding, if you don't were a techie, it can't make sense. A few iPhone and iPods couldn't work with the download system, although customers were made aware of this before the problem even arose. The final problem was the problem some had while assembling the machine, but this could be a manual issue.

Exactly what the Customers Say Concerning the Sony BDV-E770W Blu-ray Player

Overall, it may be said that customers were raving about the entertainment and sound quality that were offered, which the system did as it promised it would. Many found it great that there were free downloads available for the iPhone or iPods and were even willing to overlook the problems. In general, the wireless speakers tended to be a hit as well, many different customers loved that they produced brilliant quality and gave excellent sound from the small speaker.

Equally praised were downloads that were done as the system updated while streaming video via the internet from Netflix, for instance. Viewing a Blu-Ray disc or DVD gave a high quality playback with the configuration. There were some complaints about the complicated connections, and also the overall setup too. But some were happy with the ease of install. There was one customer who stated these were pleased with the self calibrated speakers and also the color coding. Nobody reported anything about the problem that updates about the system could possibly lead to system crashing.

Shopping Tips

When you are getting ready to buy a system, always plan in advance and look at the reviews on the item you are considering. There'll never been an excessive amount of knowledge you can have on the product, and you should be able to always find information. Reading reviews is a vital step, as these are really the reviews people wrote about first-hand experiences. While your experience might be different, it does provide you with the heads up on potential problems.

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